After thoroughly researching the different routes to become a primary school teacher, I decided to train with NT SCITT because they are an ‘Ofsted outstanding’ provider and the comments given by past students and schools that host NT SCITT trainees were very positive.

Anybody connected with NT SCITT felt strongly that the students were well looked after, trained to a very high standard and felt well prepared to take on their own class as an NQT following the course - it just felt like the right provider to train with. 

The course is very well structured and gives students a wide range of knowledge and opportunities to better their practice. The tutors work closely alongside trainees to ensure that they feel comfortable and supported at all times, they couldn’t possibly do any more for us. I gained valuable skills, experiences, friends and connections from completing the NT SCITT course. The ongoing support from course leadership, tutors, school links and colleagues (even after graduating) have helped to ensure a fluid transition into my NQT year. 

I am 100% certain that I chose the right course for me - I learnt so much in one year, I can’t believe how fast time has flown! I didn’t want to complete a PGCE at university because of the volume of students that are accepted onto teaching courses. On NTSCITT, we were a small cohort who came to know each other really well, and I am sure I have found friends for life. Alongside this, tutors are able to get to know students personally, so they can target advice directly. 

There are a lot of things you need to learn when becoming a teacher, and thankfully, NT SCITT has found a way of organising all of this information to fit perfectly into the training year. I found that the course was thorough in covering many important areas, which has really helped me to feel ready and secure venturing into my NQT year. Time spent in different schools with many opportunities to observe other professionals has helped me greatly in deciding what my own teaching style is. NT SCITT allows you the freedom to create your own style, with simultaneous support and direction towards good practice. 

If you do choose to train with NTSCITT, you will not regret it - they are a fantastic provider who have made my dream of becoming a Primary School teacher come true. I highly recommend. 

Poppy Wall – 2018/2019 Graduate

I chose to complete my teacher training with NT SCITT because I had heard of its great reputation when I was in schools volunteering. A number of teachers had recommended it to me and with their outstanding Ofsted report, I felt it would be a good choice.

I also had spoken to ex SCITT students who made me aware of the small cohort meaning that I would be guaranteed a placement. With it being in North Tyneside, I knew it would also very handy for getting to placement schools as they were all local.

What I loved about the course was how well structured it was. Everything was extremely well thought out and planned for which took away any worry. The course leaders were very supportive and were always there for support. They really went the extra mile and got to know all of the students and their circumstances very well. The lecturers were all very professional and brought their own variation of expertise meaning we got a wide breadth of high quality lectures. The placement schools were fantastic and very supportive, yet also provided me with challenge to prepare me for my NQT year. Having three placements is very unique compared to other training providers and it meant I got to see three very different schools which helped in interviews. The course met all of my expectations and more! There would be nothing about the year I would change. I feel the course was the best choice I have made yet! I don't feel any other training provider could have given me the year that NT SCITT did.

I felt surprisingly very well prepared for my NQT year and that was because of the high quality training I had received. Having access to so many good practice days meant I got to see into lots of schools which helped me form a 'catalogue' of ideas that I applied into my own classroom when qualified. I feel that by the end of my final placement, I was taking on the role as the teacher. This meant that it wasn't such a big jump into being in control of my own classroom. I don't think there is anything else NT SCITT could have done to prepare me for my NQT year!

My ITT year was one of the best years of my life! I hadn’t ever been as busy, engaged and in love with what I was doing until that moment. I wouldn't be the teacher I am today without NT SCITT. It was the best decision I have ever made.

Kate Beetham – 2016/2017 Graduate

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