When looking at different post graduate teacher training course, NT SCITT was the one course I saw with an outstanding Ofsted rating which found the balance between centre-based learning and classroom-based learning. The amount of time spent in schools during placements on NT SCITT allows you a great chance to develop skills needed in your teaching career whilst still ensuring you have the theory-based knowledge taught at the Langdale Centre.

NT SCITT allowed me to work on my professional development whilst giving me the skills required when applying for jobs. One thing you learn quick on NT SCITT is that nothing is too much trouble for the programme leader and lecturers. Lecturers would stay back and answer any questions and had answers to everything you needed to know! One-to-one interviews with the programme leader allowed me to focus in on the key interview skills that allowed me to successfully acquire a job in a Gateshead school.

100% made the right choice course wise. Without the support from lecturers and the programme leader, I wouldn't have had the skills needed to either secure a teaching post or be an effective primary school teacher.

James Hancock – 2020/2021 Graduate

When I had decided that I wanted to become a primary school teacher, I was overwhelmed with the different routes that you could take to get into teaching. I really didn’t know how I was supposed to make a decision and which route would be the best for me. I had previously heard of NT SCITT and was aware of the fantastic reputation the course had within the North East. I loved the hands on experience the course offered and felt as though the course outline (modules, placements, assignments) were well suited to me. I was also familiar with some of the excellent schools within North Tyneside and knew that NT SCITT would have great links with these schools. It was evident very early on that head teachers and governors not only within North Tyneside, but neighbouring council districts, consider the SCITT as a highly valued course as they are aware of the quality of training we receive. This is a massive bonus when it comes to applying to jobs. Having now secured a job in a North Tyneside school, it’s great to feel part of the North Tyneside wider family. I couldn’t be happier with the decision that I made to train with NT SCITT. I would strongly encourage anyone considering a career in primary teaching to train through NT SCITT.

I really loved the personal experience I received whilst on the NT SCITT course. You get the chance to really get to know your colleagues as well as the lecturers and everyone is exceptionally supportive. I have made friends for life whilst on the course. NT SCITT is organised phenomenally well and you always knew what was coming next - without it being too overwhelming. There was always someone there to answer your questions - no matter how trivial or silly they feel to you! Had I followed a different route into teaching without the same amount of teaching / placement time you get through NT SCITT, I don’t think I’d have felt as confident as I did when it came to applying for jobs.

I 100% feel that i made the right choice course wise. Despite it being a whirlwind of a year, especially during a pandemic, I would do my NT SCITT training year again in a heartbeat. I knew straight away that NT SCITT was the course for me and all professionals on the course helped you to feel confident and supported throughout. Everyone on the course wanted you to do well and they understand the nature of being a trainee teacher in terms of the pressure, workload and stress so there was always reassurance and encouragement to take a break. NT SCITT made an intense year feel enjoyable, reflective, fun, inspiring and worthwhile.

I am now a year 3 teacher in a fantastic school in North Tyneside and I don’t think would be in this wonderful position if it wasn’t for the quality of training and support I received through NT SCITT. The training felt very scaffolded from the offset. In terms of placements, I really liked that we started by observing others and I felt this was very impactful on my own practice. I can even remember things from my first placement that I now do as a teacher in my own class. As well as this, there is an extensive amount of support when it comes to applying for your first job. NT SCITT provides excellent opportunities to network and liaise with other professionals in North Tyneside such as head teachers, deputy head teachers, teachers, governors, educational psychologists, past students, as well as school improvement advisors. Overall, the quality of the NT SCITT programme is like no other.

Alex Kinnear – 2020/2021 Graduate

I chose to train with NT SCITT as I wanted to be more than just a number, I wanted to build relationships with staff and other students which would really allow for a personal and collaborative experience and environment in which to learn and grow and develop my skills and understanding.

Now as a teacher I appreciate the opportunities we had for hands on learning from real life teachers and educators both in lectures and within classroom and school settings. Coming to teacher training as career change NT SCITT made it easy to step back into learning with warm and welcoming lecturers. Blending pedagogy, subject knowledge and practical application from the very beginning has really enabled me to plan and deliver the curriculum in creative and purposeful ways.

I wouldn't change my experiences of teacher training. It is really tough, there is no denying that, it's daunting but a great challenge where I felt supported every step of the way both by NT SCITT staff and tutors as well as my colleagues on the course and in school.

The amount and breadth of experiences in classrooms, across key stages, form-entries, with schools of differing ethos and character has helped me understand not only the kind of schools I wanted to work in, but also the kind of teacher I wanted to become. Developing our reflective practice and ability to discern the qualities of outstanding teaching and to see that modelled both in our lectures and on placement have enabled me to develop in my confidence in my own class.

Schools, the curriculum and teaching has naturally changed since I was at primary school and my anxieties about grammar and maths, the knowledge of and how to teach them were tackled head on almost immediately. I have particularly been grateful for NT SCITT's approach to maths mastery and am putting into practice the very things we learnt as I plan and teach. NT SCITT really took time to acknowledge my worries and concerns and to address them with high-quality teaching and caring support every step of the way, from our first lecture to final placements, with constructive and supportive feedback from which to develop and grow.

Matt Dobson – 2020/2021 Graduate

I chose to train with NT SCITT as it had been recommended to me by many teachers I had worked with who had either completed the course themselves or had worked closely with NT SCITT and its trainee teachers. It is a highly regarded ITT within North Tyneside that works closely with many schools across the borough, which is why it was my first choice of teacher training course.

The course is very well structured and feeds you the right information as and when you need it. I loved having the opportunity to be trained by professionals and experts working within North Tyneside schools and have my placements in North Tyneside; I think this offered invaluable insights into the schools, how they work and their individual ethos’ which gave trainees a real advantage when it came to applying for jobs.

Training with NT SCITT is a very personal and caring experience, the course coordinators and staff couldn’t do enough for you. From helping keep your academic work on track, giving up their own time to give placement and planning advice to making sure trainee wellbeing is looked after. They really want trainees to leave the course feeling confident and well equipped to be the best teachers they can be; because they know how important high quality teachers are for our school children.

I think I definitely made the right choice course wise. I feel that my training year prepared me fully for starting my ECT years and I know that if I needed it NT SCITT staff would still be there to support me. I think once you’re part of the NT SCITT family you always are.

I visited my current school for a good practice day on the NT SCITT, I had my heart set on it from this visit due to its amazing outdoor ethos and warm and encapsulating atmosphere. The staff at NT SCITT, as well as teaching staff from my placements, gave me the confidence to apply and secure a role at the school.

My experiences on the NT SCITT gave me the firm foundations I needed to start my ECT years as a Year 1 class teacher. I have utilised my placement experiences when creating my own classroom environment and routines for the children. The deep understanding of classroom management and its importance has been paramount for me in creating a productive and inviting environment where the children are well prepared and ready to learn.

NT SCITT has a big focus on the development of subject knowledge which has been integral to my success in my new role so far. Throughout my training year I built a solid base of knowledge which I can now build upon throughout my career.

If you are deciding on which route to take for your ITT you would be in the best hands possible with NT SCITT. In my experience the whole NT SCITT team, from course coordinators, tutors and lecturers, to the staff in the many wonderful partnerships schools, truly want the best for you. The course is incredibly well structured and thought out, the lecturer’s passion and enthusiasm for their subjects create a unique and compelling centre based training program. Trainee wellbeing is at the centre of everything and is considered and threaded through every aspect of the course. I feel the NT SCITT is truly unique as an ITT course, it has given me real confidence in myself and a solid basis at the start of my teacher career. Thank you NT SCITT!

Kat Fellows – 2020/2021 Graduate

After thoroughly researching the different routes to become a primary school teacher, I decided to train with NT SCITT because they are an ‘Ofsted outstanding’ provider and the comments given by past students and schools that host NT SCITT trainees were very positive.

Anybody connected with NT SCITT felt strongly that the students were well looked after, trained to a very high standard and felt well prepared to take on their own class as an NQT following the course - it just felt like the right provider to train with. 

The course is very well structured and gives students a wide range of knowledge and opportunities to better their practice. The tutors work closely alongside trainees to ensure that they feel comfortable and supported at all times, they couldn’t possibly do any more for us. I gained valuable skills, experiences, friends and connections from completing the NT SCITT course. The ongoing support from course leadership, tutors, school links and colleagues (even after graduating) have helped to ensure a fluid transition into my NQT year. 

I am 100% certain that I chose the right course for me - I learnt so much in one year, I can’t believe how fast time has flown! I didn’t want to complete a PGCE at university because of the volume of students that are accepted onto teaching courses. On NTSCITT, we were a small cohort who came to know each other really well, and I am sure I have found friends for life. Alongside this, tutors are able to get to know students personally, so they can target advice directly. 

There are a lot of things you need to learn when becoming a teacher, and thankfully, NT SCITT has found a way of organising all of this information to fit perfectly into the training year. I found that the course was thorough in covering many important areas, which has really helped me to feel ready and secure venturing into my NQT year. Time spent in different schools with many opportunities to observe other professionals has helped me greatly in deciding what my own teaching style is. NT SCITT allows you the freedom to create your own style, with simultaneous support and direction towards good practice. 

If you do choose to train with NTSCITT, you will not regret it - they are a fantastic provider who have made my dream of becoming a Primary School teacher come true. I highly recommend. 

Poppy Wall – 2018/2019 Graduate

I chose to complete my teacher training with NT SCITT because I had heard of its great reputation when I was in schools volunteering. A number of teachers had recommended it to me and with their outstanding Ofsted report, I felt it would be a good choice.

I also had spoken to ex SCITT students who made me aware of the small cohort meaning that I would be guaranteed a placement. With it being in North Tyneside, I knew it would also very handy for getting to placement schools as they were all local.

What I loved about the course was how well structured it was. Everything was extremely well thought out and planned for which took away any worry. The course leaders were very supportive and were always there for support. They really went the extra mile and got to know all of the students and their circumstances very well. The lecturers were all very professional and brought their own variation of expertise meaning we got a wide breadth of high quality lectures. The placement schools were fantastic and very supportive, yet also provided me with challenge to prepare me for my NQT year. Having three placements is very unique compared to other training providers and it meant I got to see three very different schools which helped in interviews. The course met all of my expectations and more! There would be nothing about the year I would change. I feel the course was the best choice I have made yet! I don't feel any other training provider could have given me the year that NT SCITT did.

I felt surprisingly very well prepared for my NQT year and that was because of the high quality training I had received. Having access to so many good practice days meant I got to see into lots of schools which helped me form a 'catalogue' of ideas that I applied into my own classroom when qualified. I feel that by the end of my final placement, I was taking on the role as the teacher. This meant that it wasn't such a big jump into being in control of my own classroom. I don't think there is anything else NT SCITT could have done to prepare me for my NQT year!

My ITT year was one of the best years of my life! I hadn’t ever been as busy, engaged and in love with what I was doing until that moment. I wouldn't be the teacher I am today without NT SCITT. It was the best decision I have ever made.

Kate Beetham – 2016/2017 Graduate

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