You will critically analyse and explore learning and pedagogy through debates and reading of authoritative academic papers. You will consider a range of cutting edge theories and approaches to learning and pedagogy which you will be able to apply particularly to the other level 7 module. Themes, explored in the lectures, debates and workshop elements are developed further in the school context and in the students’ school placement module TE0667.

This module aims to develop and extend your critical reflections and awareness of what being an early years teacher means in relation to roles and responsibility, identity as a member of the professional community and the teacher within society. It will enable you to consider your own development in relation to philosophical, ideological and political perspectives and the legal and wider issues such as inclusion and entitlement. You will also debate the implications of research and inspection evidence.

You will have opportunities to synthesise, analyse and critically reflect upon evidence of your development towards becoming a newly qualified teacher and setting new targets for development in relation to your transition into the induction year of teaching.